We have two of the largest operating pool parks in Pennsylvania. Being able to touch, see, & feel the quality can make a big difference for you as the home owner to know what you are purchasing before it is erected in your back yard. We understand that this purchase of a pool or a spa is a big investment for the family. Not only is our pool park fully operational so that you can see the pools in working order, but we have many hot tubs on display that are filled and chemically maintained. Test soaks are also available so that you can feel the power of the jets before you buy!

Both locations have fully trained staff who are willing to take their time with the consumer, whether it’s finding parts for your pool, spa, filters, or cleaners…water chemistry questions or issues, we are just a phone call away. Many pool companies have a high turnover rate of employees, at Eagle Pool & Spa we some who have been here 5 years, 11 years, 15 years, 23 years, even 40 plus years!!!! We try to educate ourselves in all areas of the pool industry so that we can provide the best customer service possible.


Heather Ansell 610-631-1950 or 610-326-1950


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