Soft Touch

This product could really change your pools over all look, quality, and feel when given the chance.  It is a powerful formula that is not impacted by sunlight or evaporation like many other chemicals on the market today for your swimming pool. Maintaining a level between 30-50 ppm (Dosage is 5 lbs per 5,000 gallons) can improve your sanitizer level efficiency between 35-50%. We are not just promoting it for this huge benefit alone, it gets better.

1.) Will work with ANY sanitizer system.

2.) Reduces eye and skin irritation.

3.) Water will feel softer & silkier, regardless of your salt or water hardness levels.

4.) Water will sparkle like never before!

5.) Maintain an ideal PH throughout the pool season which can be huge for those who         own Chlorine Generators (Salt System).

6.) Reduces filter cleaning time.

7.) Algaestatic properties helps prevent algae from producing.

8.) Acts as a natural buffer in the water helping prevent corrosion, another huge help for those with Chlorine Generators (Salt System).

Going into a little more detail, Soft Touch actually stops the algae cell from producing food (photosynthesis) while also stopping it from eating it (metabolizing). This happens due to the locking of special molecules in the cell called nucleotide co-enzymes. Soft Touch can also act a bit like a chelating agent with calcium by locking it up and not allowing it to cause scaling from precipitations of salts crystalizing on the spool. This process can be sped up with high PH levels which is also something Soft Touch can control.

There are many pool companies out there that may be trying to sell you unnecessary specialty products, this is not one of them. We have experimented and tested this product in not only our home pools, but also the 15 display pools that we have. We will never go without it again!



Soft Touch

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