This time of the year is a sad time for many pool customers in our area. With winter around the corner and the kids back to school, many are looking to close their pool down for the season. Sometimes a heat pump can extend the swim season in this area, but with no heater, the water temperature drops quickly this time of the year. There is no perfect time to close the pool. Keep an eye on the weather in your area. Indian summers are a possibility in this area. To avoid any issues when opening, close later then you think you may need to. Add liquid Chlorine or Algaecide again if you see the weather is hot after you close the pool down for the season.

There are many different ways to close down a swimming pool for the year chemically. What we have found works best is balancing the water chemistry, a dose of a natural enzyme, shock, Scale & Stain control, as well as an Algaecide. Some of these chemicals can die quickly due to high chlorine levels in the water. It is best to have your chlorine level brought up to an acceptable range so that you can shock with a non chlorine shock, allowing the enzymes and Algaecide to work to their full potential. Generic closing kits typically contain a non chlorine shock and a low percentage Algaecide.

Pillows, water tubes, plugs, pool covers and cover clips… Pool pillows are meant to go under Above Ground pool covers to produce a trough around the pool to allow for easy removal of water on the cover itself. Some find them to be a nuisance, if you prefer no pillow, you may just have to drain the water off the cover more often. It is extremely important to drain the water off of the pool cover, not just for the life of the pool walls, but also for the life of your winter cover. There are instances where if the water isn’t drained off the cover, the weight from the water on the cover will push the water inside your pool up and over the pool wall causing most customers to think they have a leak in their pool over the winter.

Water tubes are typically for customers who have In Ground Pools. They are used to secure the cover to the deck surrounding the pool. Above Ground pools could also use these if they have decks around their pool. Do not fill the water tubes all the way, water expands when it freezes and will cause the water tube to burst over the winter. It is important to use the proper plugs to close your pool properly. Your closest pool professional should be able to assist with this, there are different sized plugs for different openings. Pool Covers are usually 3-5 feet larger than the pool size, this is to ensure there is room for draping. Cover clips are used on Above Ground pools to connect the cover to the coping. If you are doing this all the way around the pool then typically a cable and winch is not needed. This stops too much wind from getting up underneath the cover. Cover Clips are ideal for those in windy areas.

Be sure to adjust your Alkalinity and Ph; Leaving the water too acidic can wreak havoc on your pool surface over the winter.

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